Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development (PPD)

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) course focuses on essential learning goals, including self-assessment, goal definition, habit formation, and emotional regulation. Each week, you will complete activities to build the basis for your PPD plan. By the course's conclusion, you will have a formal PPD plan to guide and advance your development. The learning is delivered through interactive animated explainer videos, which your coach narrates.

We hope the experience of joining an online coaching session alongside fellow participants fosters an enriching learning environment. This course presents a valuable opportunity to step away from your daily routine and reassess your professional and personal priorities. Clearly defining your objectives empowers you to focus on what truly matters, ultimately enhancing your prospects for success.


By the end of the course, you will have learned a wide range of skills and tools to boost your personal and professional development. The key topics covered in the course include:

  • Exploring and Enhancing Self
  • Moving Forward and Finding Success
  • Setting Goals and Habits
  • Managing Self and Performance


PPD is a four-week facilitated course delivered via GAClearn.

The GAC Group Management expects that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours.

Who should apply?

All GAC personnel, irrespective or role or designation, can benefit from the PPD course.


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