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How do GCA courses operate?

GCA courses are offered through two key mediums; eLearning courses and face-to-face workshops. The eLearning courses operate for two, four, five or six weeks. Dates can be found on the GCA Course Schedule.

All GCA courses are highly interactive, and participants learn with colleagues from around the GAC World. Courses are strategically driven by certified and experienced facilitators. Subject Matter Experts from GAC are invited into the courses to help answer queries from the field and provide insights into the business.

Are any courses mandatory?

Yes – the following GAC New Employee Orientation (GAC NEO) courses are compulsory for all new joiners, ensuring they are equipped with the foundation knowledge to support their new role:

  1. Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)
  2. Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)
  3. Compliance and Ethics (CNE)
  4. General Data Protection Regulation Awareness (GDPR)
  5. Cyber Security Awareness (CSA)

GAC NEO also allows operating companies to gauge the competency and attitude of new joiners. By looking at the performance of the individual in their foundation learning, line managers and GLOs can assess the potential of the employee in terms of their attitude and willingness to thrive in the GAC World.

How are participants assessed?

Because all GCA courses are competency-based, it is important that we are able to measure a participant’s mastery of a particular subject area. Each course is different, but assessment will typically be based on a combination of the following methods:

  • Online quiz
  • Participation in discussion forums
  • Individual projects
  • Case Studies
  • Work-based projects

Participants who do not meet the requirements within the first weeks of the course are graded as “Incomplete” and are invited to re-apply to the course in the subsequent quarter. More information is available in GCA’s Escalation, Course Removal and Re-Enrolment Policy.

A participant’s mastery of the course will be assessed as an aggregate percentage. An outcome of less than 70% will be deemed as an Incomplete Grade.

A participant who successfully completes a course is awarded a certificate, together with an outcome statement.

How do GAC Operating Companies support participation in GCA?

1. In-Company GCA Liaison Officers (GLOs)

In order to ensure optimum communication between GCA and participating companies, GCA Liaison Officers (GLOs) operate in most GAC companies. The GLOs act in an important role between participating companies and GCA, including co-ordinating the learning and development programme for the year and supporting GCA course participants. Being local, the GLOs can respond quickly to specific enquiries and company needs.

2. Dedicated GCA Learning Environments

Dedicated workstations with high-speed internet access create good learning environments, and allow participants to undertake learning away from their work – and promote optimal concentration and learning productivity.

Are GCA courses designed specifically for GAC?

The majority of GCA’s courses are designed by GAC and for GAC. Many courses have a senior management representative who acts as the ‘Course Ambassador’. They work with the GCA Instructional Designers to develop a course that meets their desired learning objectives. They remain involved by actively promoting the course to the relevant participants.

The advantages of this approach are that GCA courses are always relevant and directly aligned to GAC strategic objectives. It also means that all of the courses are directly demand-driven and outcome-oriented. Every GCA course aligns with a number of Essential 7’s core actions and measures to ensure consistency in the delivery of our strategic management system.

Additionally, courses are reviewed regularly to ensure that resources and activities are up-to-date and continue to meet the stated learning objectives.

How much time does each course take?

GCA eLearning courses require approximately five hours per week for most courses. It is the expectation of the GAC Group Management that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours. In order to establish higher results, participants are encouraged to fully complete all activities, and additional personal time may be required outside of working hours.

Recently GCA also introduced some shorter ‘bite-size’ courses that can be completed within hours or a few days, based on the course content.

Is there a cost?

As per the guidelines set by GAC Corporate HQ and the GCA Management, GCA is a cost-recovery centre of GAC.

While there is no cost to participants directly, companies pay a course fee for each course position filled.

These contributions/investments take into account the prevailing market conditions of each relevant country concerned. That stated intention of GCA is to ensure that all costs are extremely competitive with commercial learning providers, promoting maximum participation rates in our Corporate Academy, irrespective of geographical and financial boundaries.

How are places allocated?

GCA courses are in high demand and as such, places are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested in attending a particular course, please contact your local GCA Liaison Officer (GLOs) or contact GCA directly. A nomination file with mandatory information is sent to GCA. Please consult your GLO for local approvals process.

Do I need to physically visit the Academy?

The majority of GCA courses are conducted through our state-of-the-art e-Learning management system GAClearn, bringing people together from all across the GAC World to participate in a wide range of courses.

However, a number of our courses are conducted in a workshop-format and are offered in regional centres or in-country. Please check our website for full course descriptions and updated quarterly schedules.

Why are our courses conducted online?

eLearning is the most efficient means of delivering education and training to a widely dispersed workforce throughout the GAC World.

  • eLearning allows participants to learn alongside their normal daily work, ensuring learning is practical and implemented directly from week to week.
  • The technology required is already in place at all sites.
  • Participants not only learn the course content, but they become more familiar with modern communication tools, an essential requirement for today’s workforce.
  • eLearning fosters the establishment of global communities of professional practice in the GAC World.
  • eLearning makes learning and development possible for all GAC people at an affordable rate rather than the need for travel expenses.
What does eLearning involve?

Essentially, the entire course is conducted through GAClearn – a virtual campus of the GAC Corporate Academy.

Participants access this through a computer with internet access. All course materials are available online and a course facilitator will post online feedback and also provide one-on-one support when required. You can join online forum discussions to discuss vital concepts and course ideas with your course participants.

Can anyone undertake eLearning?

There are no particular skills required, but being comfortable with computer and Internet is an advantage. The following checklist may help determine your suitability for our online courses:

  • Your computer meets the basic technology requirements (check with your in-company IT support if in doubt)
  • You are able to use applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to produce assignments
  • You are able to check your email on a regular basis
  • You can download and use files and software
  • You are willing to enter into online discussions with other participants
  • You can work independently
  • You are able to manage your time efficiently
Why do some courses have pre-requisites?

In order to promote the most optimal learning pathway, certain courses are required to be completed before others. Specialist and business specific courses pre-suppose participants have a certain degree of knowledge about GAC operations.

Why should I do a GCA course rather than undertake external training?

GCA is GAC’s own Corporate Academy, so its courses are the most relevant and cost-effective method of learning available to GAC people. External courses are often open-source and developed for a wide range of business needs. As a result, the alignment with GAC’s specific business can be limited. GCA courses are developed by GAC people and for GAC people to meet GAC’s specific business outcomes.