Managing Employee Relations

Managing Employee Relations (MER)

Managing employee relations is essential for any leader and critical for a high-functioning, productive and happy team. The MER course covers a range of skills development necessary for team leaders and management. It looks at GAC-specific policies in place to help you create a positive work environment. While managing employee relations relates to all our interactions at work, this course, as a part of the HR for Non-HR Manager suite of courses, covers GAC-specific guidelines on how to manage grievances and difficult conversations.


The MER course covers the following key areas:

  • Understanding the role of the manager in employee relations
  • Strategies for establishing positive employee relations
  • Understand the GAC policies and procedures in place to underwrite positive employee relations
  • Effective grievance management


MER is a two-week facilitated course delivered via GAClearn.

The GAC Group Management expects that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours.

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