Freight Forwarding Fundamentals

Freight Forwarding Fundamentals (FFF)

FFF gives participants insight into the terminology, processes and stakeholders involved in the freight forwarding industry. The course highlights all the processes which fit together to move our customer’s freight from origin to destination in an efficient, cost-effective, and legal way, right through the transit. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to maximise efficiency and enhance profitability in the freight forwarding business.


The FFF course covers the following key areas:

  • Overview of the freight forwarding industry
  • Freight forwarding networks and terminologies
  • Sea freight operations overview, cargo calculations and documentation and consolidation services
  • Air freight operations overview, documentation and commercial aptitude, and consolidation
  • Compliance and legal requirements


FFF is a four-week facilitated course, delivered via GAClearn.

The GAC Group Management expects that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours.

Who should apply?

All GAC personnel with a role relating to Freight and Logistics.


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