GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) is the certified corporate learning organisation of the GAC Group. Commencing operation in February 2007, it operates as a semi-autonomous business unit as part of GAC Corporate Headquarters based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

GCA was a direct response to GAC’s successful Vision X – Global Reach strategy in 2002, which identified the desire to invest in human resource development at all levels within the organisation. It also played an important role in establishing the Vision Y – Global Values five-year plan in 2008.

The latest strategy, Delta 21, has identified GAC’s need to ensure it is structurally and operationally fit to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  The wide range of the Academy’s business performance, commercial and professional development programmes are directly aligned to this  current GAC Group strategy. Courses are available to all personnel throughout the GAC Group, partners and network agents. GCA courses are offered using state-of-the-art eLearning technology, workshops and highly effective work-based learning processes, incorporating the Group’s overall strategy of promoting GAC-to-GAC communication.

GAC personnel has the opportunity to select a range of core and job-specific courses. The GAC Group encourages all personnel to embrace professional development and learning through the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and abilities that build upon an individual’s strengths.

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