GCA Quality, Certification and Services Standard

GCA under the Office of the Group Vice President, Human Resources is committed to achieving an ISO certification. GAC Corporate Headquarters, view the quality management system as a critical foundation for the ongoing improvement and long-term sustainability of GCA. It ensures that GCA as the corporate learning organisation is aligned with the GAC Group’s business philosophies, and ensures integration and alignment across the business.

GCA’s customer base are the operating companies of the GAC Group. GCA is required to accurately understand the learning and development needs of both the Group and Operating Companies. This is done through the annual learning and development (L&D) forecasting process, together with the annual employee engagement survey (EES) that occurs in the third quarter of each year. This information is reviewed in detail and forms the basis of GCA’s subsequent annual planning cycle for the subsequent year.

To translate the intention of the GCA Quality policy, a Quality, Certification and Service Standard has been developed, which clearly outlines the responsibilities of various stakeholders in the learning process. This includes what the GAC Group expects of GCA, what participants can expect of GCA, and what GCA expects of participants.

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GAC New Employee Orientation (NEO) Policy

The GAC Group is committed to ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce, who understand the history, culture and values of the organisation.  To ensure that new joiners embrace GAC’s culture and values, a set of mandatory, competency-based courses form the GAC NEO programme.  These are:

  • Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE)
  • General Data Protection Regulations Awareness (GDPR)
  • Cyber Security Awareness (CSA)


All new employees are required to complete these courses within the probation period specified after joining.

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GCA Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is a form of cheating; it is a practice that involves knowingly taking and using another person’s work and claiming it (directly or indirectly) as one’s own.

The GAC Code of Ethics is the guiding framework for ethical behavior as a GAC employee and this includes issues of plagiarism. GCA considers individuals involved in either offering or receiving assessment tasks as equally accountable.

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GCA Late Submissions and Extension Policy

GCA has developed a clear set of guidelines for the submission of late work and the rules surrounding the granting of extensions in facilitated courses.

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GCA Escalation, Course Removal and Re-Enrolment Policy

Each week course facilitators send out  reminders or escalations to participants as a way to ensure their completion of the module and success in the course. Generally participants are removed after 7 (seven) to 10 (ten) days of non-participation. Re-enrollment options vary according to the circumstances and will be cleared with GLOs and Line Managers. The GCA Escalation, Removal and Re-Enrolment Policy differs depending on course duration and facilitated or self-paced modalities.

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Course Close and Certification Policy

Courses close at Midnight (U.A.E time) on the specified course close date. Course lessons and resources remain available for participants’ reference in the Course Library. Certificates are available for participants to download only if they have reached the specified passing grade for that course. Exceptions and passing grades differ between courses and facilitated or self-paced modalities.

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