Leah Lalaine C. Linasan
Human Resource Development Executive
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science –
University of St. La Salle – Bacolod City, Philippines (2010)
Civil Service Professional, Civil Service Commission, Philippines (2014)



GCA Responsibilities:

Leah is part of the client servicing side of GCA, responsible for attending to client’s feedback, nominations, enrollments, course scheduling and outcomes. She contributes from pre to post course launch by providing administrative support at the operational level. Leah also supports all GCA stakeholders, including participants, GLOs, Line Managers, Company Managers as well as regional Vice Presidents.

Professional Interests:

Stakeholders Management, Project Research and Development, Scholarship Generation, Events Management.



Before joining GAC, Leah worked for six years in the Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO) – a Morale and Welfare division of the Armed Forces of the Philippines providing educational benefits to dependents of Filipino soldiers.

She joined AFPEBSO as a way of giving back after the organisation’s educational support. Starting in the Customer Service Branch, she was promoted to Educational Programme Administrator. Leah then worked her way up to join the Programme Development Branch, assisting the governing body to define and develop the organisation’s mission in “Leaving No Soldiers’ Orphan Behind”.

Her role included partnership generation, programme monitoring and stakeholder management. She also assists the Administrative Branch in various Human Resource Management functions including monthly Executive Committee and Board of Trustees Meetings.

Her determination to take on a new environment brought her to the GAC Corporate Academy in July 2016.