Ramachandran Nair
QHSSE & Compliance Manager – GAC Oman; GCA Facilitator
Muscat, Oman

Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Calicut (History and Economics), Diploma in Librarianship, Certified GCA Facilitator (2014).



Certified Facilitation Roles

Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE), GAC TIME (GTM).


Ramachandran joined GAC Oman in 2001 following a range of appointments in Oman and India. As a quality specialist, Ramachandran was instrumental in the establishment of the Quality and Learning and Development functions in GAC Oman – widely recognised as Models of excellence in the GAC World. After successive roles that expanded his involvement in the continued development and implementation of the QMS, HSSE and GAC TIME, Ramachandran was appointed Quality & HSSE Manager for GAC Oman in 2011.

At GAC Oman, he is also responsible for implementing GAC Group Compliance Guidelines ensuring employees receive regular compliance update and appropriate GAC compliance and ethics training. Ramachandran was then appointed QHSSE & Compliance Manager for GAC Oman effective January 2017.

Since the establishment of GCA in 2007, Ramachandran has played a pivotal role in Learning and Development for GAC Oman. He was a member of the first graduating class of certified GLOs, and has since been awarded as the ‘Best GLO’ globally on three occasions (2007, 2011 and 2016). Besides the GCA Liaison Officer course, Ramachandran has also participated in courses that include IGW, HSSE, GFC (GAC Facilitator Course), GLB (GAC Logistics Business), GTM, Effective Business Writing (EBW) and FLP (Foundations of Leadership Performance) and HPT (Leading High Performance Teams) in 2016.

GCA Courses

Ramachandran is an enthusiastic ambassador of social constructivist-based eLearning as a Certified GCA Facilitator. His in-depth knowledge of GAC Operations makes him uniquely suited to facilitating courses that build upon specialist knowledge from across the GAC World.

Ramachandran believes that facilitation provides immeasurable opportunity for GAC people to learn from each other not only about best business practice, but also culture, lifestyle, ethics and language from colleagues across the GAC world.

Personal Interests

Besides reading and travelling, Ramachandran enjoys spending his free time painting, writing articles – opinions and short takes for the print media. He has written over 7,000 opinion articles in various publications from India, Oman, UAE and Qatar; also for the ‘Have Your Say’ section of the BBC World.