Janet Wills
GCA Facilitator
Plymouth, UK



Certified Facilitation Roles

Introduction to the GAC World (IGW).


Janet was born and lived most of her life in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. She moved to the South West region of the UK the end of the 1990’s and set up home and new life for herself and daughter.

In response to the economic downturn, Janet re-evaluated her career in finance and administration, and began to explore the energy supply market in the UK. As a result she worked as Facilities Coordinator with a leading energy supplier. Then in 2009 the family shifted to Nigeria when her then partner took up the position as the Maintenance Manager for GAC in Lagos. Since then, she has now returned back to the UK.

GCA Courses

In 2010, Janet enrolled in the IGW course and then went onto become a facilitator in the same year. Her experience in the energy sector, working with people, and love of learning, all position her perfectly to be an inspiring facilitator. Janet works hard to ensure that every participant gets the most from the course to become more productive members of the GAC family. She is a firm believer that Knowledge = Success, and that GCA allows each GAC member of staff to increase their knowledge through their courses.

Janet has now returned to the UK and continues to enjoy meeting people from around the globe through the IGW course.

Personal Interests

Janet enjoys reading, outdoor activities, baking, the theatre and socialising and tries to partake in both on regular basis.