Danielle Ali Shah
Course Design and Research Specialist; GCA Facilitator
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture, Community Development), University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury, Australia.



Certified Facilitation Roles

Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), GAC Sales Handbook (GSH), GAC Finance Essentials (GFE), Personal and Professional Development (PPD), Managing Positive Performance (MPP), Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG), Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP), Leading High Performance Teams (HPT), GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF), Key Account Management (KAM) and LinkedIn for Sales (LFS), Advanced Sales Techniques (AST), GAC Financial Reporting (GFR).


Danielle is originally from Sydney, Australia but first moved to Pakistan in 1997 and is now settled in Pakistan permanently with her husband and three children.

Danielle completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and later, through involvement with farmer groups, she developed a dual love of community facilitation and strategic programme evaluation and planning. She worked throughout Australia in local community involvement programmes including Landcare and Streamwatch, both with on-the-ground groups and at the strategic level.

Later, in Pakistan, Danielle founded and managed a team of freelance writers and for five years managed extensive projects for international clients.

In 2010, Danielle’s competence and experience in corporate research and evaluation led to her being invited to develop the GAC Group’s Employee Engagement Survey, and has been responsible for the Survey now for seven years. The role involves designing and implementing the survey, then compiling strategic analysis reports to inform senior level decision making at the Group and regional levels.

GCA Courses

Danielle has worn lots of different hats in the GCA team over the six years she has been involved. She has been Facilitator Lead, Corporate Communications Coordinator, Instructional Designer and Operations Manager.

She is now Course Design and Research Specialist, a role which allows her to work closely with the subject matter experts and GCA team in developing new courses. Most recently, she has developed the Leadership Development Programme courses, GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF), Key Account Management (KAM), Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG), and a number of the other courses in the current portfolio.

Additionally, Danielle is an established member of the GCA Facilitator community, based on her experience with group facilitation, adult education, and team management. She currently facilitates courses including the Commercial courses, Managing Positive Performance (MPP) and Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG).

Personal Interests

Danielle has an active interest in learning development and is a certified life coach, working with young people and professionals to move forward in their own lives.