Cosima Brand
Marketing and Communications Executive, GCA Facilitator
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Masters in International Relations from the University of Sydney and Bachelors in International Relations from the University of Sydney (majoring in Government and International Relations, Minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Political Economy), MoodleBites for Teachers certificate.



Certified Facilitation Roles

Personal and Professional Development (PPD), Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Effective Business Writing (EBW).


Cosima Brand is Australian, currently living and working in Rawalpindi, Pakistan with her husband, young sons and extended family.

Cosima has both her Undergraduate and Masters degrees in International Relations. Her working life post academia, involved a relationship-building role in a major not-for-profit sector organization based in Sydney. This experience spurred Cosima’s interest to meeting customer needs, extending her passion for sales development and sales model design. She believes that in sales, good relationships or partnerships are key to ensuring that GAC fulfills its motto of ‘Delivering your Strategy.’

Over the years Cosima has been invited to facilitate in a range of educational settings. Building on her experience in a number of schools as a specialist teacher, Cosima became involved in delivering leading-edge programmes with the Oxfam International Youth Partnership in 2007. These programmes brought hundreds of young activists together from across the globe for learning and development activities in Sydney. Cosima was instrumental in developing wide-ranging engagement surveys to inform international relations policy and practice. Subsequent roles involved formulating leadership, as well as learning and development initiatives with global stakeholders.

GCA Courses

Cosima has a keen interest in education reform and the extensive opportunities that global online delivery platforms can offer. Joining GCA in 2012, her communications, sales and relationship management background gives her a wealth of knowledge for course facilitation. Given GCA’s global recognition as an early adopter of collaborative-based eLearning in the corporate sector, Cosima is very keen about her involvement with GAC Corporate Academy.

Personal Interests

Cosima’s passionate about fine art, and currently reviews art shows in Islamabad for the online magazine ArtNow Pakistan.