GACfreight Oil and Gas

GACfreight Oil and Gas (GFO)

GFO is a self-paced course that will provide you with a full understanding of the use of GACfreight.NET in our business with Oil and Gas customers and other industries.

To fulfil our commitment of “Delivering your strategy” it is essential that we always provide excellent service to our customers. An important part of this service involves the effective use of GACfreight, the business application that supports our business dealings with the Oil and Gas, Automotive, Aeronautics, Manufacturing and other industries.


The GFO course covers the following key areas:

  • Introduction to the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  • Handling purchase orders
  • Receiving goods
  • Freight shipment booking
  • Dispatching goods
  • Handling G2G Shipments
  • Supply base operations
  • GACtrack Reports
  • Final Mastery Quiz


The GFO course is delivered in a self-paced format through GAClearn and can be completed in under an hour within a 4-week timeframe. All modules are assessed through a self-assessment quiz, culminating in a final quiz at the end of the course.

The GAC Group Management expects that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours.

Who should apply?

All GAC personnel whose role requires the use of the GACfreight.NET application in the context of the Oil and Gas industry.


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