Everyone can benefit from personal and professional development skills and this course covers such essential learning outcomes as self-analysis, goal setting, action planning, time management and performance management.

One of the major outcomes of the course is that each week participants complete activities that will form the building blocks of their final personal and professional development plan. By the end of the course each participant will have a five-year plan and implementation strategy that makes use of tools such as learning style and personality tests, SWOT analysis, SMART goal setting, time management tools and more.

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) course is an excellent opportunity for participants to step back from the daily routine and think in depth about their professional and personal priorities. Clearly identifying personal objectives allows participants to focus on what is important to them, and this helps participants to not only excel in their own field, but also become a better team player or leader. Additionally, by engaging their manager as a partner in their PPD plan, participants can be supported in their growth.



There are two specific outcomes of this PPD course:

1. Learn new skills and tools to apply in your personal and professional life, including:

A range of self-analysis tools and a detailed SWOT analysis will form the bedrock for understanding ‘Where you are now’.

Investigating the psychology of goal setting and the importance of SMART Goals for establishing ‘Where do you want to go’.

Developing time management and communication skills and cementing the importance of continual learning and development to assist with ‘How will you get there’.

2. Create a Personal and Professional Development Plan

Produce a Five-Year Personal and Professional Development Plan designed specifically according to your own goals and aptitudes.



The PPD course runs for six weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System, GAClearn.

GCA eLearning courses require approximately five hours per week for all courses.

The GAC Group Management expects that all GAC employees are provided with sufficient time to complete the core requirements of each course within working hours.



“Before embarking in this course, I must admit that I know it is difficult to manage my time between the juggles of my career and family balances, but after penciling it down on paper and mapping it out, I can assure you it is much clearer and easier to break it down and manage time. I now have daily priorities and I work towards them. I am able to focus more and have the ability to manage my time better. When I created my PPD Plan, it actually provided me time for self-reflection. It has opened doors for me to inspect where my opportunities are, how I can succeed and hold myself accountable to follow through.”

Lailah Soon
Regional Business Development Manager – Oil & Gas/Projects
GAC Asia Pacific Region

“The Personal and Professional Development course has been a process of understanding and developing myself in order to achieve my goals at their fullest. It has helped me in terms of growth, maturity, success and fulfillment. It has been a great turning point which has created positive transformation with who I am and how I live my life. This course has turned my negative mindsets into positive through which I can benefit for the rest of my life.”

Michael Dsouza
Sales & Customer Service Coordinator
GAC Oman

Course Features

Mode Facilitated
Duration 6 weeks
All Relevant Personnel