The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) provides GAC managers and future leaders with powerful tools for improving performance in the real world.   The LDP aims to build a strong leadership and performance culture in line with the GAC Group’s Delta 21 strategy. The programme comprises three levels, based on the universal competencies of a high performing GAC manager:

  1. Managing the GAC way
  2. Business strategy
  3. Commercial acumen
  4. Financial acumen
  5. Effective communication
  6. Managing high performance teams
  7. Managing individual performance

The LDP is aimed at all current and aspiring management level personnel.  Entry into Level 1 will be by invitation based on Company Manager recommendation, and approval by their Group Vice President Region (GVPR).  Participants who successfully complete Foundations of Leadership Performance (Level 1) will be invited to participate in Leading High Performance Teams (Level 2).  Successful completion of these pre-requisites will permit eligibility to undertake the advanced stage Performance Driven Leadership (Level 3) which is the capstone of the LDP.

The LDP is designed to have a degree of rigour commensurate with the leadership responsibilities of a high performing GAC Manager. Participants accepted into the LDP who demonstrate the necessary competence will be invited to participate in successive levels of the programme based on course performance outcomes.